Awarded Ph.D.s

PDF versions of most of the dissertations listed below are available online from the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Database, to which most academic institutions subscribe. (Indiana University access; Non-IU access)

Complete Historical List of Awarded Ph.D.s

You can download the complete historical list of awarded Ph.D.s in PDF format.

Recently-Defended Ph.D.s

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  • Phillip Weirich. “Explorations of Dialect Perception in Indiana”
  • Narges Nematollahi. “The Iranian Epistolary Tradition: Origins and Developments (6th Century BCE to 7th Century CE)”
  • Yilmaz Koylu. “Representation and Acquisition of Kind Reference in L2 English”
  • Yu-Jung Lin. “Where did the Glide Glide into? Perceiving Mandarin Syllable Structure”
  • Dua’a Abu Elhija Mahajna. “A Study of Loanwords and Code Switching in Spoken and Online Written Arabic by Palestinian Israelis”
  • Jun-Eun Choi. “The Syntax-Pragmatics Interface in L2 Acquisition of Korean Case, Topic and Focus Particles”
  • Chisato Kojima. “Lexical Encoding of Length Contrasts in Learners of Japanese as a Second Language”
  • David Tezil. “A Variationist Study of the Haitian Postposed Determiner LA in Non-nasal Contexts”


  • Mamdouh Zaal M. Alhuwaykim. “Aspects of the Phonology of a Northwestern Saudi Arabian Dialect: an Optimality Theoretic Analysis”
  • Anthony Meyer. “A Multilinear Approach to the Unsupervised Learning of Morphology”
  • Vitor Leongue. “Structural Evolution of the Tibetan Syllable: a Cross-dialectal Study”
  • Charese Smiley. “Native Language Identification using Phonetic Algorithms”
  • Daniel Dakota. “Using Distributional Word Representation for the Statistical Constituency Parsing of German”
  • Taiwo Ehineni. “A Morphophonological, Morphosyntactic and Ethnopragmatic Study of Yoruba Personal Names”
Anderson, Jonathan Aspects of the Phonetics and Phonology of Speech Rhythm in Akan (Asante-Twi)
Diakite, Boubacar Topics in Nko Prosodic Phonology
Ngone Diouf, Fabienne Urban Wolof Loanword Phonology
Montano, Francisco A. An Optimality- eoretic Split-Margin Analysis of the Evolution of Historical French Phonology
Regier, Kirsten Duration Modulation in English and Spanish Vowels: Dynamic Time Warping as a Tool in Acoustic Phonetics
Alshammari, Wafi Development of and Accommodation in Gulf Pidgin Arabic: Verbal and Pronominal Form Selection
Bongiovanni, Silvina Production of Anticipatory Vowel Nasalization and Word- nal Nasal Consonants in Two Dialects of Spanish
Alahmari, Musa An Optimality- eoretic Analysis of some Aspects of the Phonology and Morphology in a Southwestern Saudi Arabian Arabic Dialect


Sowers-Wills, Sara 5/10/2017 Schema Thoery as Support for Templatic Analysis in a Dynamic Systems Theory Approach to Early Phonological Development
Al-Raba’a, Basem 5/4/2017 Reflexivity and Reciprocity in Arabic


Herring, Joshua 11/15/2016 Grammar Construction in the Minimalist Program
Washington, Jonathan 6/29/2016 An Investigation of Vowel Anteriority in Three Turkic Languages Using Ultrasound Tongue Imaging
Kaden, Christiane 3/10/2016 Lengthenings and Shortenings in Germanic


Rice, Heather 12/4/2015 Perceptual Acquisition of Secondary Palatalization in L2: Strengthening the Bonds between Identification and Discrimination with Multi-sequence Category Mapping
Trennepohl-Ewusi, Kelly 11/4/2015 Communicational Strategies in Ghanian Pidgin English: Turn-taking, Overlap, and Repair
Kostakis, Andrew 10/2/2015 Height, Frontness and the Special Status of /x/, /r/, and /l/ in Germanic Language History
Zanon, Ksenia 6/24/2015 On Hybrid Coordination and Quantifier Raising in Russian
Albin, Aaron 5/14/2015 Typologizing native language influence on intonation in a second language: Three transfer phenomena in Japanese EFL learners
Scrivner, Olga 5/6/2015 Probabilistic Approach in Historical Linguistics: Word Order Change in Infinitival Clauses, from Latin to Old French
Yang, Chung-Lin 3/10/2015 Phonological variation and L2 word learning: The role of orthography in word recognition and production.


Abdul-Mageed, Muhammad 12/1/2014 Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis of Arabic as a Morphologically-Rich Language
Dow, Michael C. 10/2/2014 Contrast and Markedness Among Nasal(ized) Vowels: A Phonetic-Phonological Study of French and Vimeu Picard
Rankinen, Wil 7/18/2014 The Sociophonetic and Acoustic Vowel Dynamic of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula English
Ebarb, Kris 6/23/2014 Tone and Variation in Idakho and Other Luhya Varieties
Tamati, Terrin 6/20/2014 Individual and Group Difference in the Perception of Regional Dialect Variation in a Second Language
Ragheb, Marwa 6/13/2014 Building a Syntactically-Annotated Corpus of Learner English
Mazrui, Abdulwahid 5/6/2014 The Challenges of Language Planning and Language Policy in Tanzania: Investigating Language Attitudes and Language Shifts in Zanzibar
Israel, Ross 4/11/2014 Building a Korean Particle Error Detection System from the Ground up


Siegel, Jason F. 12/9/2013 Non oblije pale mo-to: Code-switching between Haitian and Guianese French Creoles and their lexifer in French Guiana
Gradoville, Michael 8/14/2013 A Comparative Usage-Based Approach to the Reduction of the Spanish and Portuguese Preposition para
Casserly, Elizabeth D. 6/24/2013 Effects of Real-Time Cochlear Implant Simulation on Speech Perception and Production
Hantgan, Abbie 6/5/2013 Aspects of Bangime Phonology and Morphology
Hsu, Yu-Yin 4/5/2013 The Interaction of Information Structure and Syntactic Representation in Chinese
Shimunek, Andrew 2/19/2013 The Serbi-Mongolic Language Family: Old Chinese, Middle Chinese, Old Mandarin, and Old Tibetan Records on the Hsien-pei (Xianbei) Languages and their Relationship to Mongolic, with Notes on Chinese Phonology
Tu, Jung-yueh 1/10/2013 Word Prosody in Loanword Phonology: Focus on Japanese Borrowings into Taiwanese Southern Min


Chang, Yufen 8/31/2012 First Language Attrition: An Investigation of Taiwanese Tones and Tone Sandhi
Hao, Yen-Chen 8/10/2012 The Effect of L2 Experience on Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Consonants, Vowels, and Tones
Yoon, Junghyoe 7/31/2012 Case Drop in Korean—Its Empirical and Theoretical Investigation
Kim, Ock Hwan 6/30/2012 The Syntax of Inaudible Noun Phrases in Korean
Miller, Nikole D. 5/7/2012 An Assessment of Language Attitudes towards African American Vernacular English
Park, Indrek 5/4/2012 A Grammar of Hidatsa
Alqassas, Ahmad 4/30/2012 The Morpho-syntax and Pragmatics of Levantine Arabic Negation: A Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis
Rodrigues, Paul 2/29/2012 Processing Highly Variant Language Using Incremental Model Selection
Kivik, Piibi-Kai 2/29/2012 Conversation-for-learning in Estonian Coffee-hour: An Interactional Linguistic Perspective
Lamanna, Scott 1/31/2012 Colombian Spanish in North Carolina: The Role of Language and Dialect Contact in the Formation of a New Variety of U.S. Spanish


Kim, Tae Sik 11/11/2011 Small Projections and Grammaticalization in Korean
Yoshida, Kenji 9/30/2011 Phonetics and Phonology of Shiki-accent Systems in Mid-Western Japanese Dialects
Anderson, Vicki 7/31/2011 Bidialectalism in Intense Language Variety Contact: An “Unexpected” Development in the Death of Pennsylvania Dutchified English


Das, Anupam 12/31/2010 Linguistic Politeness and Interpersonal Tiesa among Bengalis on the Social Network Site Orkut: The Bulge Theory Revisited
Panteleyeva, Natalya 12/31/2010 Statistical Methods of Latent Structure Discovery in Child-Directed Speech
Green, Christopher 11/30/2010 Prosodic Phonology in Bamana (Bambara): Syllable complexity, metrical structure, and tone
Grimes, Steven 10/31/2010 Quantitative Studies in Hungarian Phonotactics and Syllable Structure
Sanders, Nathan 10/31/2010 A Statistical Measure for Syntactic Dialectometry
Iskrova, Iskra 9/30/2010 Prosody and intonation in two French-based Creoles: Hairian Creole and Guadeloupean Creole
Emonds, Amanda 7/31/2010 On the Representation of Conventional Expression in L1-English L2-French Acquisition
Mohamed, Emad 7/31/2010 Orthographic Enrichment for Arabic Grammatical Analysis
Henriksen, Nicholas 5/30/2010 Question Intonation in Manchego Peninsular Spanish
Silbert, Noah 5/7/2010 Integration of Phonological Information in Obstruent Consonant Identification
Rojas, David 5/7/2010 Features and Methods for Automatic Dialect Identification
Kim, Jungsun 2/28/2010 The Influence of Dialect Exposure to Phonological Categories in Perceptual and Production Acquisition


Mendez Vallejo, Dunia Catalina 9/7/2009 Focalizing ser (‘to be’) in Columbian Spanish
Kapatsinski, Vsevolod 5/31/2009 The Architecture of Grammar in Artificial Grammar Learning: Formal biases in the acquisition of morphophonology and the nature of the learning task
Jose, Brian 4/30/2009 Testing the Apparent-Time Construct in a Young Speech Community: Steel City Speech in and around Gary, Indiana on its 100th Birthday
Lee, Dongmyung 1/30/2009 Loanword Tonology of South Kyungsang Korean
Thompson, Mikael 1/30/2009 A Study of the Analogical Extension of the Mongolian Hidden-n Declension in Colloquial Standard Khalkha