Visiting Scholars

As part of its commitment to serving the broader linguistics community, the Department of Linguistics has a Visiting Scholar program that affords international scholars the opportunity to conduct independent research, attend classes and colloquia, and interact with members of the linguistic community at Indiana University.

Visiting Scholars have

  • access to the I.U. Libraries’ extensive research collections
  • use of computers and internet access
  • opportunity to attend courses, workshops, and colloquia
  • support provided by the Leo R. Dowling International Center

NOTE: office space is not available


Junior Scholar

  • Applicant must be enrolled in a doctoral program at an accredited institution of higher education
  • Applicant must seek out a faculty sponsor who agrees to serve as host and mentor, someone whose research is compatible with that of the Visiting Scholar
  • Appointment is for one or two semesters

Senior Scholar

  • Ph.D. or equivalent degree required; Visiting Senior Scholars are typically faculty members or post-graduate researchers
  • Appointments are typically for one or two semesters
  • Research project must correlate with the research interests of at least one faculty member in the department
  • Applicant must seek out a faculty sponsor who agrees to serve as host and mentor, someone whose research is compatible with that of the Visiting Scholar

Application Process

Applications from international scholars should be submitted at least eight months before the projected starting date in order to allow adequate time to complete the J-1 visa request process, which can take as long as 6 months. Thus, a Faculty Sponsor must be identified before this process begins.

The application must include the following:

  • Completed application form.
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Written commitment from a Linguistics faculty member agreeing to serve as a Faculty Sponsor
  • List of proposed activities [not to exceed 2 pages, and including proposed dates]
  • Academic letter of support
  • Letter of commitment from home institution

Application package should be sent to:

Visiting Scholar Coordinator [place “Visiting Scholar application” in subject line]

Successful Applicants

Once the application has been approved, the applicant must send the following:

  • Copy of passport page
  • Copy of all dependent passport ID pages (if dependents are accompanying the Visiting Scholar)
  • Proof of financial support showing funding of at least $1,200 per month for
  • the entire projected stay
  • Proof of additional financial support if the Visiting Scholar is accompanied
  • by dependents

Upon receipt of all necessary documents, the department will request on behalf of the applicant Visa Certification (Form DS-2019) from the Indiana University Office of International Services. When the visa form has been issued, an e-mail confirmation is sent to the applicant that includes an International Scholar Pre-Arrival Guidebook.

Visiting Scholars must be aware that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires the collection of a one-time SEVIS fee of US $180.00 from Visiting Scholars on J-1 visas. The fee must be paid by the applicant after the DS-2019 form has been issued but before the J-1 visa is approved.

Visiting Scholars should note that health insurance coverage is mandatory for all international visitors and their families. Visiting Scholars are eligible to purchase Indiana University health plans. They should contact the Office of International Services for information regarding such plans. If the Visiting Scholar has comparable insurance from the scholar’s home institution, it is not necessary to arrange for insurance here. However, documentation of such insurance coverage must be provided upon arrival in Bloomington.

Application Form

Please click here to download the application form.