Linguistics involves many areas of inquiry, including cognitive science, speech and hearing sciences, and computer science. We connect these areas in various ways to the many language programs at IU.

Ours is a vibrant undergraduate program, and one of the largest Linguistics graduate programs in the country. Our diverse faculty conduct leading research reflecting a wide variety of interests. They excel in teaching and research in specific branches of linguistics, including linguistic analysis, language structure, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, comparative linguistics, structural linguistics, and the linguistic study of African languages.

The Department of Linguistics is part of the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences.

What is linguistics?

Linguistics resides in the nexus between science and culture, dealing with a cultural object, language, from within an explicitly scientific methodology. Some scholars seek to examine the history and prehistory of well-studied languages, while others aim to understand the languages of the thousands of other communities encountered across the globe. Still others focus on understanding the variation and socially important details of the communication systems of the scholars themselves. An abiding curiosity about language connects all of these threads, alongside an insistence on developing a rigorous scientific methodology for studying them. The discipline more recently has embraced advances in computational linguistics and is active in understanding the relationship between humans and computational devices.

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