Financial Support

Graduate financial assistance

Since Linguistics students work across many disciplines, doctoral students in the Linguistics department gain support for their doctoral programs through opportunities in a large number of departments across the campus, in addition through the department itself. These support positions involve a range of professional responsibilities, including teaching languages in one of the over 70 different language programs on campus, providing academic support for various student groups, developing language curricula, and working as research associates with individual faculty. In addition, students find support for becoming language experts through the many Foreign Language Area Scholarship (FLAS) programs across campus. A common support plan also can take advantage of dissertation completion grants supported by the College of Arts and Sciences to support your work on your own research.

In addition, a number of Linguistics students are supported through their work at The Linguist List, the international central nerve-hub of the discipline of linguistics housed here at Indiana University.

Students pursuing graduate support should apply directly to the department, but also apply to appropriate FLAS programs and probe the availability of positions in other relevant departments across the campus.

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Assistant instructor opportunities

The department has a limited number of assistant instructor (AI) opportunities available. Application forms are available from the main office in spring.