Departmental News

Departmental news

Krystie Herndon, the College of Arts and Sciences’ 2021 Advisor of the Year, brings her best to the “art and science” of academic advising.

Since the end of March, IU undergraduate and graduate linguistics researchers have been translating information about the coronavirus into Hakha Lai, a common language spoken by many from the Chin State of western Myanmar.

A student sits in a circle of native Hadza people in Tanzania.

Jeremy Coburn is a doctoral student in the African Linguistics program, and has had many years of work on the language of the Hadza, a language minority of Tanzania made famous for being one of very few languages outside of southern Africa with click sounds.

A student holding a model of a ship.

Kenneth Steimel is an advanced student in the computational doctoral program, who has worked extensively in areas applying advanced computation to technological applications related to African languages.

The following are references selected from a much larger list of faculty research dissemination from the 2019 calendar year.