Computational Linguistics B.S.

Computational linguistics is largely an applied discipline concerned with practical problems. Typical applications include natural language processing, machine translation (translating from one language to another), speech synthesis, speech production, information retrieval (finding relevant documents or parts of documents in large collections of texts), cognitive modeling, and, in general, almost anything dealing with natural language interfaces.

When you pursue a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Computational Linguistics, you position yourself on the cutting edge of an exciting interdisciplinary field that explores and addresses the use of computers to process or produce human language. Our faculty members have designed this program to combine the study of linguistic analysis with computer science and other cognitive science fields.

This degree prepares you with core linguistic, computational, and computer science concepts and skills. You can choose to dig deeper in either linguistics or computer science, as well as to concentrate or minor in a related field, such as Cognitive Science, Mathematics, or Psychology.

Is it for you?

The B.S. degree program in Computational Linguistics attracts students who combine their love of language with their affinity for computers. They typically have some of the following attributes:

    • Desire to gain speaking and writing proficiency in more than one language
    • Interest in language construction
    • Fascination with the importance of language in human life and society
    • Enjoyment of information technology and computers
    • Facility in mathematics and logic
    • Dream of teaching robots to communicate with humans

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