Groups & Labs

Groups & Labs

Research developed by individuals in our department is very broad and diverse, with faculty members and students contributing to new areas of inquiry. Research doesn’t take place in a vacuum—it coalesces around reading groups and labs. Labs are collections of research activity around particular technical facilities. They may be shared or individual to particular faculty members.


All Ph.D. students are required to engage in research, and master’s students are encouraged to do the same. This work is often facilitated by research labs. The labs below involve active participants from our department:

There are also many language-related research communities at IU, including:

If you are interested in a research area that does not appear to be covered by a research lab, explore your options directly with specific professors.

ClingDing: Computational Linguistics Hour

Contact Sandra Kuebler or Francis Tyers for more information.

Syntax-Semantics Reading Group

Contact Tom Grano for more information.


Contact Ken de Jong, Kelly Berkson, or Stuart Davis for more information.