Master's Degrees

Our master's programs

We offer a Master of Arts in Linguistics as well as a Master of Arts and Master of Science in Computational Linguistics.

M.A. in Linguistics

The M.A. in Linguistics offers a high-level technical introduction to the range of fields in linguistics, covering both the core areas of analysis such as phonology, morphology, and syntax, but also extensions into related disciplines through phonetics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics and semantics. In addition to providing this breadth of expertise in language, the M.A. program also acts as an excellent platform for launching advanced research and teaching careers in language applications and teaching, as well as linguistics.

M.A. or M.S. in Computational Linguistics

Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary field which addresses the use of computers to process or produce human language. Linguistics contributes to this field an understanding of the special properties of language data, and also provides theories and descriptions of language structure and use. Computational linguistics is largely an applied discipline concerned with practical problems. Typical applications include: natural language processing, machine translation (translating from one language to another), speech synthesis, speech production, information retrieval (finding relevant documents or parts of documents in large collections of texts), cognitive modeling, and, in general, almost anything dealing with natural language interfaces.

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As part of our graduate program, we offer professionalization workshops every 3-4 weeks. To quickly develop a sense of professional opportunities in our field, incoming students are strongly encouraged to attend. These workshops introduce you to a range of extracurricular topics, including:

  • What it means to be a professional linguist
  • Conferences
  • Publications
  • Grants and funding
  • Job-seeking
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols

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