Honors Program

Honors program

Students who have completed at least three courses in Linguistics with a minimum GPA of 3.500 are encouraged to apply to the Linguistics honors program. At least two of these courses must be required core courses (L306, L307, L310, L431). Applicants should have a minimum College GPA of 3.300, the recommendation of a Linguistics faculty member, and a strong interest in a specific area of study.

To graduate with honors in Linguistics, you must earn a minimum College GPA of 3.300, a minimum GPA of 3.500 in Linguistics courses, and a minimum grade of B in each of two required Honors courses (L399 and L499). In L499, you are required to complete original research, field work, or a language-related project, evaluated by your project advisor and one other faculty member.

Graduation with honors is encouraged for students considering graduate school. It also is a strong indication of ability when entering the job market.

Use your Academic Bulletin

Students pursuing departmental honors in Linguistics should use the Academic Bulletin year appropriate for their year of matriculation.

Requirements for Linguistics departmental honors can be found by clicking on the relevant Bulletin below:

2019-20: Linguistics honors, College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin

Honors thesis guidelines

We have developed comprehensive guidelines for completion of your honors thesis. Please review these carefully and contact your advisor with questions.

Read honors thesis guidelines