Linguistics B.A.

As you earn this degree, you will also gain advanced proficiency in a foreign language. With a field methods option, you will gain practical skills and hands-on experience in research on language structure and use, working with speakers of undocumented languages.

As a Linguistics major, you may choose to focus on either linguistic analysis or on sociolinguistics in your electives and field method courses. You are also welcome to make your own topic selections among all the courses offered by the department.

Is it for you?

The Linguistics B.A. attracts students who love the broad study of language. They enjoy studying foreign languages, and typically share some of the following qualities:

  • Desire to gain speaking and writing proficiency in more than one language
  • Interest in language structure and construction
  • Fascination with the importance of language in human life and society
  • Enthusiasm for wordplay and its use in analyzing language
  • Concern for language variation, history and preservation
  • Thirst for travel and study in other countries

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