Language & scientific methodology

Linguistics exists in the nexus between science and culture. Our discipline uses an explicitly scientific methodology to deal with language as a particular cultural object. This discipline grew out of 19th-century roots: some examining the history and prehistory of well-studied languages, some seeking to understand the languages of the thousands of other communities encountered around the globe, and some aiming to understand the variation and socially important details used in the language of scholars themselves. All of these investigative threads share a common interest in languages, as well as a dedication to developing a rigorous scientific methodology for studying them.

All students in our department, both undergraduate and graduate are invited to participate in all aspects of inquiry supported by the department—research, reading groups, lectures, and special events.

Student spotlight: Young Hwang

The Loanword Tonology of North Kyungsang Korean

Young investigated a range of different phonological and phonetic phenomena in Korean - specifically focusing on how English loanwords are assigned accent when they are borrowed into North Kyungsang Korean. 

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