Our graduate courses conduct students through analysis and experimentation through all of the areas of linguistic inquiry. Our department offers introductory courses at an advanced level in areas ranging across the discipline and advanced courses which enable students to conduct novel and cutting-edge research each area. We also offer courses which focus on the structure of specific languages and courses targeted at developing documentation fieldwork for some of the many undocumented languages of the world.

Highlighted courses

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Learn how languages are actually performed in face-to-face interaction. This course introduces students to the variation in sound production and acoustics across the languages of the word and gives an analytic overview of how speech acoustics are shaped by speakers of these languages. Students engage in a novel research projects, beginning the process of pushing back the boundaries of our understanding of language phonetics.

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Foundations of Computational Linguistics


Learn about the range of ways in which computational systems are brought to bear in capturing, storing, and probing language. The course introduces students to techniques and problems in applications from speech recording and coding to searching databases to analyzing the production systems of undocumented languages.

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Learn how the minds grasp of meaning is captured and structured by the languages of the world. This course acts as an introduction into the area of semantics and semantic analysis, including the application of logic to problems in understanding how different languages word and morpho-syntactic systems indicate semantic structure.

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Field Methods


Take on the challenge of analyzing an under- or undocumented language from scratch. This course works with a speaker of a language about which there is very little known, and students and faculty together seek to understand how the various aspects of the language work by beginning the process of producing a systematic grammar of the language.

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