Student Experience

A language enthusiast’s dream come true

As a university with a prestigious Research 1 designation, Indiana University offers an abundance of unique features to students of languages and linguistics. Language-specific departments such as Germanic Studies, French and Italian, and Spanish and Portuguese offer classes on a wide range of topics. Several language centers broaden linguistic horizons even further, with classes that include languages such as Swahili, Yoruba, Zulu, and Wolof.

Field methods in African & Asian languages

The opportunity to become familiar with a regional African or Asian language can be a huge asset if you engage in field research, and we build that familiarity with a sequence of two field methods courses each year, typically alternating between African and Asian languages. This sequence gives you experience with a language previously unknown to you. During the first semester, you approach the language broadly, building an understanding of its grammar. In the second semester, you dive deeply into a particular phenomenon of the language.

IU Linguistics Club

We host the IU Linguistics Club, a student organization supporting student activity in Linguistics and related fields, such as the IULC Colloquium Series and IULC Working Papers.

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Student spotlight: Feier Gao

Perception of Mandarin Full Tone Realization and Indexical Meaning

Feier's research focuses on an area of growing interest — variation and sociolinguistic meaning in Mandarin Chinese. In her research, she aims to investigate the indexical association between the Mandarin full tone realization and the “cute” social persona.

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