Linguistics & Anthropology B.A.

Your coursework is designed to provide a historical perspective on language as well as an investigative perspective developed through a fieldwork course. The degree guides students to an integrated view of the cultural and linguistic communities of indigenous people in a particular area of the world, Africa or America.

Both Anthropology faculty and Linguistics faculty excel in teaching, research, and the linguistic study of African languages. Students pursuing the major may acquire a general background in Anthropology or develop particular interests in one of its subfields: Archaeology, Bioanthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Social-Cultural Anthropology.

Is it for you?

The interdepartmental major in Anthropology and Linguistics attracts students from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. They typically possess some of the following attributes:

    • Desire to understand the origins of humankind and the diversity of world cultures
    • Interest in the comparative study of different societies and their customs
    • Aspire to contribute to the resolution of persistent world problems and social injustices
    • Affinity for learning new languages
    • Ability to develop practical skills and apply them to academic projects
    • Desire to gain speaking and writing proficiency in more than one language
    • Concern for language variation, history and preservation
    • Enthusiasm for wordplay and its use in analyzing language

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