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Welcome to the Linguistics Department’s Fall 2021 newsletter. This is an iconic image looking out to the city of Bloomington from the campus' well known Sample Gates. One of the great things about the linguistics and language community here at Indiana University is the amazing diversity of people who come through the front door, and back out to many places around the globe. The focus of the fall issue is to give you a chance to see some of the work that members of the department are doing in a more up-close and personal manner, especially here focusing on our graduate students who have been supported by the generosity of our donors. You will note the range of parts of the globe reflected in the articles. We hope you have time to peruse the titles and names involved. Much of what you see here was not done without the help of many, including the support of alumni and friends of the department. We appreciate your support in all its forms and hope you enjoy this volume.


Fall 2021 - Volume 34

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